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Janel on "Life on Mars"

Don't know if anyone knew, but months ago I saw Janel on an episode of the short lived ABC show Life on Mars.  She played a college professor named Pat Olsen in 1973 who was accused of killing police officers with her group of college student protestors whose leader had been murdered.  It originally aired back March 4th and I thought Janel did a great job.  It was totally different from what you would expect her to play.

But I was shocked that her character was the one who killed the leader of the radicals.  It was totally unexpected and that her character had an affair with one of her students and passed off the baby as her husbands!!!  :O  It was pretty cool seeing Janel branch out.  Plus, Life on Mars was a great show and I hated that it got canceled. 

I've checked ABC's website and the show has been removed.  It used to be available online.  However, it is coming out on DVD September 29th.
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